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VEIKK Linux Driver v3 Notes 08/02/20

Jonathan Lam

(This is a live document, since v3 is still in alpha) This can be thought of as the sequel to On Developing a Linux Driver. What is v3? (Or v2, or v1, for that matter?) [You don't have to read this part if you're looking to help develop/test this dri…

Tagged: veikk linux driver

On Developing a Linux Driver 06/12/19

Jonathan Lam

"Do you pine for the days when men were men and wrote their own device drivers?" ~ Linus Torvalds On Developing a Linux Driver A quick guide on understanding, developing, and compiling a Linux driver with no prior knowledge, featuring a case stud…

Tagged: coding linux tutorial

Diary of a College Kid 02/27/19

Jonathan Lam

Hi everyone! Life has been so busy recently, and I think it's time to get back to writing regularly. My hoarder sense wants preservation. For now, because it's 3:45a.m., this will only be a brief summary of the lively past day-and-a-half. Hopefully m…

Tagged: site diary

Introducing Remeet! 06/28/18

Jonathan Lam

This will be an introduction to and how-to guide for Remeet, and will be completed once Remeet has achieved (most of) its major intended features. If you are here, and if you noticed that Remeet took a long time to load, that's because its server "fa…

Tagged: coding remeet

Consolidation 06/25/18

Jonathan Lam

In my last post, I wrote about a little of my history. The Homework Life was a blog I'd written in 2015. I looked back on that hosting account for the first time in over a year, to find two older sites: A Tech Life and Programath. The former was some…

Tagged: reflection brain-dump studio-ghibli

Better RTC with WebRTC 06/25/18

Jonathan Lam

For years, I've been trying to get at real time communication (RTC). The best I've done is using websockets, which work fairly well, but it requires a server. Now, setting up a Node.js server with isn't too bad, so that's not a problem. The…

Tagged: coding tutorial

Introducing BaBaP! 06/24/18

Jonathan Lam

The first post on The Homework Life was published 12/17/2015, about two and a half years ago. The first post on Everything is Sheep was published 7/12/2017, nearly a year ago. And the first post on BaBaP was published 6/22/2018, some two days ago. Wo…

Tagged: coding site

Senior Exit Thoughts 06/21/18

Jonathan Lam

Below is a short survey seniors from our school fill out online prior to an in-person interview with their counselor. Some irrelevant questions (i.e., filling out private information) has been omitted. Identify one of the most influential experienc…

Tagged: brain-dump reflection

The Wonders of PHP 06/19/18

Jonathan Lam

I remember the first time my uncle showed me how to use a server-side script. He called it CGI— which to many people only means "computer-generated imagery," but in this context refers to "common gateway interface"— to generate an image o…

Tagged: brain-dump coding

Planning with Brain-Spaces 06/16/18

Jonathan Lam

I had this revelation in the shower that the brain acts like a very slow computer processor, with an arbitrarily defined number of cores (explained later). Each day, these cores can only process at a limited rate, and once a task is completed, the pr…

Tagged: brain-dump

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