By Jonathan Lam on 02/22/18

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I'm feeling a little sick.

The first sign was the humidity. It was quite foggy outside. And then the air in the gym felt very damp, so that many of the people in my dance class looked even more uncomfortable than they usually do. And then there was second period, with the sticky desks. And by the eighth period, I was nigh asleep from the moisture. But my throat was hurting and I think I was a little sick.

But more than that, I felt sick with spring fever. It's a whopping 70 degrees outside, nice enough that we went out for a walk earlier today. I wanted to be outside (which isn't very ordinary in my current math-filled craze) and out playing, building, relaxing. I don't think it was only me. The bus was loud today: some juniors and freshman were chatting about whether or not people would have been vampires, witches, or werewolves in their past lives.

Brain-fudged (not to be confused with the other f-word, which is already taken) was the first thing that I thought of when contemplating my mental state. And I thought it would be a funny term at first, but I think it's pretty accurate.

Fudge not only moves slowly, but it causes a sort of excited delirium in anything that touches it. And it's warm and gooey, kind of like our warm temperature and humid air. Of course, it's also sweet, the stuff of wonderful desserts. Think about dumping some of that stuff on your brain and that's how I felt.


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@ 02/23/18, 5:58 AM
Jonathan Lam
Do you ever feel brainfudged when the weather begins to get warm again?

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