Dream Catcher: 2/18/18

By Jonathan Lam on 02/18/18

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First dream I can remember in a while. (Also the first time in a little while I've had quite a bit of restful (i.e., no-homework-worrying-my-mind) sleep— what a coincidence).

There is a group project. Here are the fleeting components of it, before they leave my mind in a moment:

  • Building the tallest tower out of a sheet of paper

  • Using FisherTechniks to build a working program for a traffic light

  • Dance videos

  • Drawing a face on the wall

  • Competing against a team of girls

  • A time limit of 10:00A.M. or noon.

The first part was the paper project. We built many small pyramids out of single pieces of paper. We stacked them all into a larger pyramid, and then realized we could take out the central supports, making our tower much taller. In the end, it was as tall as my house's ground-level ceiling. It seemed that the competition was taking place in our house, because we seemed to be in the living room and were taping the top near the ceiling. We thought that the girls definitely couldn't be beating us now.

The next parts were all lumped together, and the setting was different. I remember drawing words on the wall for someone else to paint in. We also had to draw the face and no one was doing that, so I took a mirror and drew my own face, in pencil, on the brick wall (I think this was in a classroom at school). Other people colored it in. I think it looked terrifically accurate.

We were running out of time (perhaps one hour left) and no one had programmed the traffic light. So I downloaded it really quick, and began programming it.

I remember an intensely happy or exciting ending that stopped when I was awoken. I think we were about to win.

I only remember one person explicitly from the dream, an M from our grade, but I think there were some old faces that I haven't seen since my early childhood. Faces I only wish I could remember.

There's a second dream I just had in mind. I'll edit it in if and when I can remember it again. Here's all I have.

(Something about a Roman villa and having lookout shifts. Something to do with an outdoor pool?).

And I'm not sure if this was part of the second dream:

I was on a train. In the snow, there were ruins of a station, covered in snow. It was a sight from a single other dream, but I remember very little of it.

(memory of a dream from a dream?) I only remember that there is a pool next to that train station, and some accident happened in the pool the last time I had been there. We were kids, playing in the pool, and it was summertime. The pool was rectangular, and roughly the same size as ours at home.

I remember feeling all sad about this.

These dreams didn't come in order of happening, but in order of recall. I only know that I was awoken from the first dream, so that must have been the last.

I just looked back at my earlier dream catchers and realized that I still remembered all of them. It takes a moment for the words to sink in and the memory to revive, but I can recall all of them. I only wish I had written down that earlier dream that I remembered today, so that I could compare that with the more vivid thoughts. Perhaps one of these transcribed stories will revisit me someday.

This is amazing. I'm building a receptacle of fantastical adventures I've never experienced.


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