Dream Catcher 2/19/18

By Jonathan Lam on 02/21/18

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[Written 2/19/18. Transcribed 2/20/18.]

I didn’t really see this dream as very memorable, but I thought I’d record it for the sake of memory. Interestingly, I feel as though I still remember as much of it as I did in the morning. On the flip side I remember almost none of yesterday’s at all. It’s strange how that works— perhaps there’s a negative correlation between memorability and money. Or a positive correlation between the amount you want to remember a dream and how quickly you forget. I dunno.

We were at the bowling center. At first, it was like normal, like a practice day. But I remember it was a little darker than usual, and the lanes hadn’t been turned on yet. So there wasn’t actually anyone bowling. But I was practicing shots, and I kept sliding too far and fouling. I think a member of another team yelled at me.

Then comes the strange part. There is a marathon (or some other distance run) occurring— and I remember it right behind us. We were suddenly in a huge crowd, running cheer-ers and bowlers alike, watching hundreds of people go by.

And I remember that I talked with one of the runners, who had stopped (the race may already have finished). I think he’s someone from our school, and perhaps a teacher. There was a handshake, a bit awkward.

Just after writing that dream above, I fell asleep. Here’s a stranger dream from the nap I just took.

We were packing up. It was my older sister and I. We were planning to board this great airship (spaceship?) from another dream. (Again, I don’t remember much of the other dream nor the airship, but I remember having the notion of preparing to board it.)

I had some sort of injury. We were in a small room, like a cheap hotel room. I was in the bathroom, tending to my injury.

Skip ahead a little. This part is somewhat disjoint. We are now packing up things from our house’s living room. As if we are moving away. We are cleaning it like we empty a hotel room of our belongings before checking out. We don’t leave any personal possessions behind.

And that’s all I remember, and I assume we went on from there onto the giant spaceship. There were some strange emotions going on there. As if this life were a luxury and we had no idea what came next.


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