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By Jonathan Lam on 02/27/18

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I just want to rant. Rant only describes part of it. It's a little past two in the morning, and I just finished all of my homework.

First of all, we had a speaker come in today. His name is Kevin Hines, and he is one of the few survivors of attempted suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm sure he tried to keep the subject light, with the focus on how his experience should be a lesson, but it sounded like he hurt. He is a great speaker, though.

Secondly, I'm amazed at some of our faculty at school. Mr. S, my physics teacher and the head of the STEM department at our school, learned about the Lockheed Martin Code Quest and informed our class about it. After I responded, asking for a mentor, he quickly obliged. Just a day or two later, we're signed up and ready to go. Thanks!

But the real focus I have is on the SWC tournament. There's a lot more to say than I'll be able to transcribe in these moments. But I have to say, I feel like the most enormous letdown. I think everyone on our team felt the same way. But today, from procrastinating on all of the scholarship information (which I have still not completely finished, because my Internet is currently out and I'm typing on ViM) and not always keeping my sister aware of my whereabouts (which is important, because I'm her ride) and forcing her to go to the bowling tournament when she really didn't want to go, I just feel even worse. So what if I finished fifth in the SWC and our team placed second? We were going for the win. And if we had all bowled better, it would have been easy. But we were all downbeat. Especially A. He refused to get un-"salty" about the extraordinarily good luck of the winning team, New Milford, and the extraordinarily bad luck of our team. But Coach W explained his thoughts on why we didn't bowl so well (the other team's inconsistencies). It was all a messy blame game and a generally displeasing experience. I feel terrible. And I feel jinxed again. (I was so optimistic for the win before the meet.) And we only have to play Fairfield again, an even better team than New Milford, and we need five points to stay in second place. It'll be a bumpy ride from here on. Time to have a long-awaited sleep.


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